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Hello! My name is Sapphira Ha and I am the founder and designer of Wanderbrush. I am a California native and love to spread positivity and inspiration through my art.

My lettering journey only began in early 2016 and I am still constantly learning and growing as I go. I have always loved art, and drawing was my first love. However, while growing up, it wasn't seen as a practical career path so I never took it too seriously. I had admired hand-lettered signs and typography and decided to dive in by making handmade Valentine's Day cards for my coworkers. After that, I just started practicing and improving everyday, but I was still unsure of calling myself a letterer. But with so much support and encouragement from loved ones, I decided to make hand lettering more than just a hobby. 

Wanderbrush came from a play on the word "wanderlust." I wanted to incorporate that "strong desire to travel" definition and turn it into a strong desire for exploration and discovery of self in my work. I go through my own struggles and challenges in my life, but with a positive mindset, I am able to be resilient and work towards a life that I am happy with. My wish is to spread that positivity to others and even if just a little, help them discover themselves and better their lives through art and small inspirational reminders. 

When I am not lettering, I love to be with my friends, eat good food (breakfast is my favorite), listen to good music, and watch my favorite shows (Game of Thrones and Insecure!). 

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me! I am so glad you are here and I look forward to sending you hand lettered pieces of inspiration and joy!


"I wanted to incorporate that 'strong desire to travel' definition and turn it into a strong desire for exploration and discovery of self..."


100% hand-lettered and illustrated

digital & paint methods available

Each piece of work is made with great care of lots of love! I hand-letter and illustrate every design myself. My digital prints are created on my iPad Pro through the Procreate App and Apple Pencil. I love this method because it prevents wasting paper and paints when I am brainstorming ideas and allows me to create designs a little quicker (mistakes and changes can be made so easily but can also be fixed and course corrected as in life!).

My custom projects can be made with actual watercolor paints, brushes, brush pens, and more on different mediums. It really depends on what each customer requests. It can range from watercolor paper, to wooden signs, to framed glass; basically, if I can letter on it, I will! 

When we work together, you will definitely know how each piece is created. And of course each piece is hand-lettered and illustrated by yours truly!